Protect Your Home with Security Lighting

It has been a while since I have written a Blog, as some of you may know we have updated our website so we have been busy with that, let me know your thoughts by the way.

This week I wanted to talk about outdoor lighting as it is this time of year that we have many customers calling wishing to have their security lights replaced or checked for functionality, or simply upgrade their outdoor lights.

Celebrating Nurses Day

Nurses Day is being celebrated on Friday 12th May in the U.K. Nursing staff are the superheroes of health care. They're there when needed most, changing lives with their unique set of skills.

We wanted to celebrate Nurses' Day to give something back to our servicemen and women by offering a massive 20% of all electrical works for serving members of our NHS, police, firemen and women and ambulance staff.

Electrical Work in the Garden

Spring is around the corner, the weather is improving, time to start opening the garden for the summer.


Gardens and garden lighting in particular are now just as important to many homeowners as the interior of their home. However, when lighting up an outside area it is important to ensure it is installed professionally and safely. NICEIC recommend that you should always use a registered electrician to carry out any work so it is safe for use.




Are You Spending Un-Necessarily on Bulbs?

Welcome to my blog, this week I would like to talk about the benefits of LED Lighting and how simple it is to save money and replace your lights for LED.


If you have a home with lots of spotlights you will know how frequently the halogen lamps can blow, normally leaving 2 options:


1 – keep changing them and have a large stock of spares.


2 – leave them and then get frustrated as the number increases.


Is Your Electric Blanket Safe?

Now the nights are turning chillier, thoughts are turning to keeping warmer particularly at night when the central heating might be switched off.


Electric blankets have long been popular option for having a warm toasty bed to sleep in at night Used correctly, they are safer than hot water bottles which carry a scolding risk particularly if the lids are not secured correctly.


Consumer Units

Hello welcome to the first blog of 2017, wow what a year.


I hope your Christmas and end of year celebrations went off without a bang, especially where the electrics are concerned.


It’s now been 1 whole year since the changes in electrical regulations meant that any new fusebox installed in your home now needs to be made of a non-combustible or metal material. As a result lots of local residents require new fuseboards and as part of the process we would ordinarily visit to assess the current electrics.


A Christmas poem

Twas the night before Christmas and was quiet in the house

The children are sleeping and your settled on the couch

You glance across the room at your wonderful tree

And crack a wry smile for LED

The lights twinkle and shimmer in rather quick haste

the low running costs and long life leave a good taste

remember to blow out the candles and turn of the lights

Put out the fire also, Santa’s coming tonight!


The morning has come Christmas day is here

The excited children screeching in your ear

Keep Your Home Safe this Christmas!

We at M.T.R Electrics want to wish you all a very happy Christmas. Every year over the Christmas season a number of families in the UK suffer as a result of poor electrical installations; this can be due to additional loads placed on an already suffering property or by introducing a hazard such as badly designed or maintained festive lighting. Christmas lights for both indoor and outdoor are a big part of the Christmas celebrations, but, consider if you are you putting your home and your loved ones at risk...


Christmas Lights – Our Top Tips: