Are You Planning on Doing Some DIY at Home this Bank Holiday?

How to do small electrical DIY jobs safely in your home

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I hope you have been enjoying the recent sunshine we have been having, Summer is on its way, Bank Holidays are coming up and it's at this time of year that people often start to improve their homes attempting DIY of some sort. I have customers that have tried everything from replacing lights and switches to complete garden makeovers and most of the time a successful improvement is completed. However, too often I meet people who have attempted a small electrical task and in doing so have spotted or created dangers, issues and even electrocuted the wife! In a recent case a gentleman replaced 2 x sockets in the kitchen and the next day his Wife got an electric shock from one of the sockets!


In this instance when I arrived I removed the socket and all the cables popped out from the terminals!! I was shocked, (excuse the pun), and so with this in mind I have brought out a series of 3 videos showing how to safely complete some small electrical tasks around the home. You can find them here


How to replace your halogen bulbs for new LED bulbs

How to replace a light switch

How to replace a light


Just a few minutes could save you a lot of hassle further down the line but not only that, it can show you how to complete those small electrical tasks safely using my years of experience, and if you know anyone that is planning on doing some DIY or specifically electrics, unless they are Electricians a few minutes could also help them, so introduce them to my YouTube channel here and let Your Local Bexley and Bromley electrician show you how.


Please remember to remain safe if planning on doing DIY electrics and if you require advice before you attempt it then you can give me a call on 01322 686 073 or email and I'll be happy to help


Thanks for reading and keep safe in your home.