Protective Bonding

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So this week has seen a couple of jobs that included installing new protective bonding in customers homes.

My customers did not know what is was or that it even existed until their boiler engineer told them they needed to have it when carrying out an annual service. Once we had spoke about it, they realised the importance and one customer was actually astounded that no one had ever told her about protective bonding before.

I am sure there are lots of local residents that are in the same position it may be time for your Local Electrician to explain to you a little more...

bonding electrician bexley

Protective bonding is a designated earth cable installed between your main earth terminal (near your Fuseboard or fusebox) and your service Pipework, i.e. Water, Gas, Oil and structural steel. Basically any services or framework capable of conducting electricity..

The reason being is, should a live cable touch any of this pipework (such as a cable damaged by any rodents under the floor) the Pipework can become LIVE, making any item related to it in your home LIVE also, that includes every tap, radiator, pipe, metal sink etc all around the property!! The protective bonding, when connected, would detect this issue and trip the electricity out in the home, potentially saving someone from electrocution.

If you have doubts about the protective bonding in your property you can download one of our help sheets which I put together to explain this in more detail, simply click the link below. 

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