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Do You Require Electrical Testing and Inspection?

We provide a complete range of Domestic, and Commercial electrical testing services.

As an NICEIC Domestic Installer and Approved Contractor we will carry out a full inspection to the high standards set out by NICEIC, and produce a detailed report showing all our test findings and recommendations.

Our work is assessed on a regular basis by NICEIC so you can be assured that we meet all the relevant technical, safety and quality standards.

Our work is fully insured and guaranteed and all certification is provided on completion. 

Domestic Properties

All electrical installations, over time, will deteriorate naturally as they are a working mechanism made up of various components and working systems. Much like an MOT for cars it is important that you ensure you carry out checks on the condition of the electrics in your home at regular intervals. M.T.R Electrics can carry out an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) formerly known as a Periodic Inspection Report, to fully test your electrical installation and ensure that it is safe for continued use. For more information on Electrical Installation Condition Reports click HERE


Landlords are responsible for ensuring their tenants are safe within their properties. They must make sure electrical wiring and electrical appliances are tested regularly. We recommend landlords carry out a visual inspection report every year, with a full EICR being carried out every 5 years or with each change of occupancy which is now mandatory.

Houses in Multiple Occupation

If the property is a house in multiple occupation then the Management Regulations require the manager to take safety measures and to maintain electrical installations. Very importantly for all HMOs (not just licensable HMOs) there is an obligation to have fixed electrical installations in every HMO inspected and tested at intervals not exceeding 5 years by a qualified electrician. A certificate must be obtained. The local authority can require a certificate to be produced in 7 days if they ask.

Commercial Properties

Insurance companies will usually require fixed wiring to be tested a minimum of every 5 years, We recommend carrying out a full EICR at least every 5 years, or with every change of occupancy.

PAT Testing (Portable Appliance Testing)

The best way of ensuring that your appliances are safe is to have a PAT test carried out on them. This is a good way for business owners and landlords to ensure that they are meeting their legal obligations to maintain high standards of electrical safety in their property or rented property.

In addition it is recommended that when providing portable appliances for tenants, that the landlord checks that every appliance has a CE mark. It also recommends that you should only provide appliances with additional safety marks e.g. the British Standard Guidance mark or the BEAB approved mark.

Tenants should be provided with instruction manuals and be told to read and follow them.

All of our testing equipment is regularly calibrated, this is an important process for anyone that undertakes testing. Just as a car requires a service periodically, a PAT tester requires maintenance to ensure it is working as it should. If a PAT tester isn't calibrated properly, results will often become skewed and the tester will pass items that should be failing and vice-versa. We are absolutely sure that the appliances we pass are safe for continued use.

Fire Alarms 

Over time, smoke detectors become less sensitive, standby batteries in control panels become weak and general faults can develop. Fire alarms save lives. A working fire alarm system can mean the difference between life and death and it’s a legal requirement for businesses to have a fire alarm system that is maintained and regularly checked. 

If the tenant is to be responsible for testing, the landlord must instruct the tenant as to what must be done. It is essential that a log book record is kept and the landlord should periodically check the situation to see if everything is being done (e.g. by checking the log book).

As Your Local Electricians we are happy to give advice on works that you may be planning and we provide free quotations. In some instances depending on the issue we may even be able to quote you a price over the phone and attend in the same day. So if you require an electrical test in Bexley, Sidcup, Bromley, Sevenoaks, or Dartford boroughs then please call Mark on 01322 686 073. 

For your peace of mind we are registered with the NICEIC and are one of very few local electricians registered with Which? Trusted Trader Scheme..