Earthing in Your Property

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Hi and welcome to your local electricians blog 

This last week has been a strange week, the snow has made travelling around Bexley and Bromley some what difficult, we still managed OK and thankfully didn't have to delay a single job due to weather!! 

So whilst getting around at a snails pace I have had a few conversations this week with different people about the same subject.

The topic was earthing, what is it and why is it needed?  

With that in mind I will answer the question in simple terms in this edition of my blog, for those of you wondering the same thing.

The Earthing or earth cable in your home electrics is the most important part of the installation, this is the protective part of any circuit. 

In the event of a fault, (such as a loose cable that has popped out a terminal in a socket) contact between the live cable and earth will ensure the fuse trips and power disconnects leaving the user unharmed. If there was no earth present then this process could only happen when someone touches the socket, the current takes the shortest path to the ground and will mean going through the person that touched it, aka electrocution.

Not a good scenario especially if you have young children at home.

With lots of metal appliances nowadays such as fridges, washing machines etc. it's more important than ever to ensure a good earth in your electrical installation on all circuits. 

If you have old electrics in your home and are concerned with the potential lack of earthing then give me a call on 01322 686 073 and an assessment can be organised for you.

My next blog will be discussing protective bonding and its importance, another things most people aren't aware of until it is pointed out.  

Thanks for reading