Class 2 Light Fittings, What are they?

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What is a Class 2 light fitting?

Class 2 light fittings, also called double insulated lights, are designed to operate without the need for an earth wire. They usually have two layers of insulation which cover the live parts, for example the cables inside the fitting.

Many properties that we visit don't have any adequate earth wire present so homeowners find that they are unable to have their nice new chrome light fittings installed as without an earth there is a risk of electrocution with these fittings

We on occasions suggest buying class 2 fittings as an alternative way to get a nice light fitting installed at a fraction of the cost to install new earth wire into the lighting circuits in the home.

There are many places to purchase class 2 light fittings, many online also but if you are struggling do give us a call and we would be happy to help.

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