Testimonial Electrician Wilmington

We recently contracted Mark to carry out a number of relatively small but
important electrical repairs both inside and outside our house in Bean,
Dartford. We cannot recommend him more highly – perhaps a 'Strictly-style'
score of 12 out of 10 will be easily understood by most. When requesting a
quote for the work, his response with an itemised and costed quotation came
back so quickly that I thought it was just an acknowledgment and filed it for
future reference. Of course, when I looked again, it was exactly what I
wanted and we went ahead. At the appointed time on the day agreed, Mark
arrived promptly (early, actually to avoid weather problems) and got stuck in
– no tea and chats first! Throughout his work, he was both polite and
helpful, explaining exactly what he was doing and why and providing helpful
tips on avoiding future problems. First Class!!+++

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Mr and Mrs Timbers

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